C4 Financial announces that it has placed a $12,500,000 dollar loan on a refinance of an 118-key hotel in Columbus, OH.

Working on behalf of the borrower, C4 Financial secured the debt with a CMBS lender. The financing allowed the borrower to refinance with cash out to begin and continue the PIP on the hotel.  Loan was structured at 70% LTV with a long term hold and low fixed rate.

C4 Financial exists to provide the most comprehensive financing packages for commercial real estate projects. Our network of banking relationships, institutional lenders, and life insurance companies allow us to offer the most competitive financing options to our clients. C4 Financial was founded as a way to facilitate integration between investors of all sizes with the lending institutions that provide the best financing avenues. C4 Financial is a corporation that works on maintaining hands on, one on one approach to investor financing.

For more information, please contact:

Rick Ruehlmann


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